Chapter 1:

Parasha Shemote 2023: Faith Like A Lion!

Welcome to Parasha Shemote, the first parasha of the Parashiot Shemote series. Join us on the journey of how Yahweh used one humble man (Moshe, or Moses) to begin building the nation of Yisrael (Israel). And how Yahweh Elohim is able to use anyone for His good purpose if we walk in faith and obedience to His perfect will. For as Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 18 says, we are the clay, and He is the Potter.

Chapter 4:

Parasha B’shalach 2023: Yahweh Delivers!

Shalom and welcome to this week’s parasha B’shalach. It is titled “Yahweh Delivers!” because all throughout this parasha, we will go over the various ways that Yahweh is faithful even when we are not, and never ceases to stop being His people’s Savior. In this parasha we will discuss the parallels between the children of Israel then, and the body of Messiah now, and we will see that we are not so different, Yahweh has never stopped being our salvation!

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