Chapter 1:

Parasha B’reisheet 2023-24: Blessings in the Light!

B’reisheet means “In the beginning”. And in Parasha B’reisheet we learn about how Yahweh created us and what His plans for us were from the beginning. We will see how our rebellion has separated us from Elohim since the Fall of Man and His plan of Salvation for us through Yeshua HaMashiach. Please join us.

Chapter 2:

Parasha Noach 2023: Yeshua, the Rainbow, and the Covenant!

In Parasha Noach we are going to learn about Noah and his family, how the days of Noah compares with today, and how it was through Yahweh’s grace and favor, and Noah’s faith and obedience that Noah was saved. And we will see how it is by that same grace offered to us through Messiah Yeshua that we have the opportunity for Salvation.

Chapter 4:

Parasha Vayeira 2023: Faith of a Child!

Parasha Vayeira means “And He appeared”. Can we imagine: What if we were there when Yah Elohim appeared to Avraham (Abraham) or Noach (Noah)? What if we were there when Yeshua HaMashiach walked the earth in the first century, like Kepha (Peter) or one of His other disciples were? Join us as we see how all these biblical stories of old relate closely to us today in Nazarene Israel.

Chapter 9:

Parasha Vayeshev 2023: Yoseph: Faith in Affliction!

In Parasha Vayeshev we read about our forefather of the House of Ephraim, Yoseph (Joseph), about the prophetic dreams given to him by Yahweh Elohim, and about how he kept faith through affliction. Including when his own brothers sold him into Egypt. Yoseph is a perfect example of how we too can endure all things through Yeshua HaMashiach and never grow weak or weary in faith.

Chapter 10:

Parasha Miketz 2023: The Fight Between Flesh and Spirit!

As Parasha Miketz continues the story of Yoseph (Joseph), we will see how Yahweh Elohim used all of the struggles Yoseph experienced for His greater purpose. And how we also must sometimes face trials in our lives today to strengthen us in our faith. And we will also see how the story of Yoseph is an example of how to break generational curses within the family.

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