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This is a resource for beit knesset (synagogue) and home fellowship leaders, who want to lead a beit knesset or home fellowship. Contains history, theory, and practical advice.

Chapters of Beit Knesset Leader’s Guide:

Why Weaning (and not a Bar Mitzvah)?

This chapter explains the superiority of the ancient Hebrew celebration of childhood weaning, and why it is so preferable to the modern Bar Mitzvah ceremony.

Norman Willis – 14/11/2020

Beit Din Structure

This article explains what the term Rabbi means in Hebrew, and why we are told not to call ourselves rabbis.

Norman Willis – 01/10/2021

Leading Through Dedicated Service

Explains the basic relationship between synagogue and home fellowship leaders, the separated priesthood, and the people.

Norman Willis – 01/10/2021

The Service Yeshua Wants with You

This chapter lays the groundwork to understand why Nazarene Israel synagogue services look different than rabbinic or other synagogue services.

Norman Willis – 02/10/2021

The Synagogue Service Yeshua Wants

This chapter explains what the first century synagogue service was like, as compared to the modern synagogue service.

Norman Willis – 03/10/2021

Why We Ignore the Talmud

This chapter explains how the very idea of an Oral Torah, Mishnah, Gemara, and the Talmud conflicts with the written record in the Torah of Moshe.

Norman Willis – 04/10/2021

Why We Do Not Call Ourselves “Rabbi”

This article explains what the term Rabbi means in Hebrew, and why we are told not to call ourselves rabbis.

Norman Willis – 29/12/2023

The Sabbath Service in Yeshua’s Day

This article shows how the Sabbath services in the first century differ from the rabbinic Sabbath services of today, and how we can restore the original Sabbath service that Yeshua our Messiah enjoyed.

Norman Willis – 29/12/2023

Shabbat in the Home

This chapter explains how to keep Sabbath in the home, in a manner in which Yeshua Messiah would have approved.

Norman Willis – 29/12/2023

Synagogue Layout Then and Now

This chapter explains the physical differences in layout between the Second Temple period synagogues and synagogues which came after the Second Temple period, as well as the major impact the layout has on services.

Norman Willis – 29/12/2023

The Moedim (the Appointed Times)

This chapter shows the elder or synagogue leader factors to take into consideration when planning to host Yahweh’s appointed times.

Norman Willis – 29/12/2023

Ritual Immersion (Baptism)

This chapter explains what the Torah says with regard to ritual immersion (or tevilah), and how it differs from rabbinic tradition. It also explains how ritual immersion or baptism applies in the Renewed Covenant (New Testament),…

Norman Willis – 29/12/2023

Ancient Circumcision

Ancient Circumcision

This chapter explains why the ancient method of circumcision was different than today’s modern procedure. (For information only. We strongly recommend that a professional perform this procedure).

Norman Willis – 29/12/2023

The Nazarene Israelite Synagogue

This is the working draft script for our new Parasha Welcome and Orientation video. It is still a work-in-progress, and we hope to re-write it completely before recording it, but we thought you might find these…

Norman Willis – 29/12/2023

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