Ordination Requirements v4

Nazarene Israel Ordination Requirements V4.0, revised 06/12/2020 If you are interested in ordination with Nazarene Israel, this document is for you. Situation and Mission As explained in our literature, Yeshua commands us to go into all nations, and immerse disciples in His name, teaching them to do everything that He has commanded. Mattityahu (Matthew) 28:19-20 […]

About the Peshitta v2.0

The Church Fathers tell us that the original manuscripts were written in Hebrew and Aramaic, and then translated into Greek. Because we have a Hebraically-oriented faith, we want to have those Semitic (Hebrew and Aramaic) originals. Some people believe the Aramaic Peshitta NT contains the inspired originals, or perhaps that it descends from the originals. […]

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