The Rebbe and PM Netanyahu! (Why Curse the Lost 10 Tribes?)

Rebbe (Schneerson) taught that the Israel’s lost ten tribes are lost among Christians. Why do the Chabad and Orthodox Jews curse Christians 3 times each weekday? Does PM Netanyahu defend ‘holy hate speech’ against Judah’s “best friends in the world”?

PM Netanyahu: END the TALMUDIC CURSES! (Talmud Tractate Berakhot 28b-29a)

Why does Talmud Tractate Berakhot 28b-29a require Orthodox Jews to curse literally everyone else (Karaites, Reform, Reconstructionist Jews, Israeli Messianics, and Christians) 3 times daily? Mr. Prime Minister Netanyahu, does this not ignite hatred and violence between Judah and Ephraim?

Hiring Policy

Nazarene Israel’s team consists of dedicated brothers and sisters all seeking to help build Yeshua’s kingdom the way He desires it. Different types of positions may be offered to different members, based solely on the needs of the ministry, as determined by the Nasi (President) and the BDG council. Some position statuses that may be […]

Property and Assets Policy

Nazarene Israel may temporarily assign ministry owned property/equipment to team members for Nazarene Israel ministerial use. In these instances, such property remains in the ownership of Nazarene Israel at all times. This includes items purchased and delivered to team members via the internet. Such property/equipment is only “lent” to serving disciples/team members for ministry related […]

Discipleship and Fellowship Policy

Part 1: Discipleship The Great Commission:Nazarene Israel is dedicated to the ‘Great Commission’ of making disciples of the true, Original Faith from all nations, as Yeshua HaMashiach instructed His disciples to do. We receive many questions in reference to NI’s discipleship program and NI’s fellowship opportunities. And the first thing that we must understand is […]

WhatsApp Policy

NI’s purpose for WhatsApp chat groups: Yeshua HaMashiach gave us a charge to “make disciples of all nations”. And while that is NI’s mission, not everyone arrives to NI at discipleship level. People come from all types of backgrounds and generally have questions before choosing to become a disciple in NI. The NI WhatsApp groups […]

“I Agree!”

Nazarene Israel retains the right to update, add, or revise policies as NI leadership deems necessary, with or without notifying team members directly. NI policies are available at the via the “Resource” tab. It is the reponsibility of each NI team member to: Read each policy on the NI website. Be in full agreement […]

About the Peshitta v2.0

The Church Fathers tell us that the original manuscripts were written in Hebrew and Aramaic, and then translated into Greek. Because we have a Hebraically-oriented faith, we want to have those Semitic (Hebrew and Aramaic) originals. Some people believe the Aramaic Peshitta NT contains the inspired originals, or perhaps that it descends from the originals. […]

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