Rules for the use of Nazarene Israel’s WhatsApp Chat “Nazarene Israel Prayer Group”

Shalom brother/sister.

The purpose of our WhatsApp Chat group is to keep in touch with our brethren in a clean, detached and doctrinally pure relationship. It is not our desire that this group replaces the personal relationships between brothers, but rather to use it as a tool to keep us informed, and to have a secluded place where we can maintain a correct and edifying communication with our Nazarene brothers around the world.

Since this is a fellowship chat, we ask the brethren to keep the conversations within an atmosphere of edification and love, so as not to enter into contentions that may cause division.

For us, each one of you is very important, because you demonstrate with your works that the faith you confess with your lips is true, and that you are doers and not only hearers of the Scriptures.

Because in this chat there are people of different cultures and languages, please use clear, respectful and loving language.

Since the purpose of  Nazarene Israel is to promote the Unity of the Body, (Unity in the Spirit in One doctrine), we strongly ask new brethren to refrain from promoting division in this group, with attitudes such as inviting brethren to groups other than Nazarene Israel, or sharing material from other ministries not related to, (or doctrinally distant from), Nazarene Israel.  And in this, we ask that before sharing any material from other ministries, pray and analyze if the material will promote the unity and growth of the body of our King Yeshua before sharing any external material, and only if it is in agreement with the 100% biblical doctrine and with all the studies already published in our website and books (

Although it may seem hard or difficult to accept, there are brothers who come with wrong thinking and even when they are corrected or rebuked in love, they do not accept genuine repentance (change of attitude), so they will be removed from the group.  And although many may feel motivated to try to bring these brothers back, applying the rule of leaving the 99 sheep by looking for a stray sheep, we must analyze this very well in the light of the Torah, because our Messiah said “My sheep hear My voice and follow Me” so when some brother is not humble, or does not hear the voice of loving rebuke, nor obeys the voice of the Spirit, it is a mistake to think that this sheep can belong to the flock of our Adon. And, if we look closely, although Yeshua helped many, (for example, when He miraculously fed the 4000 and 5000, or when He healed and delivered thousands), we can notice that He spent most of His time with a much smaller group, headed by the 12 who left everything to follow Him.

Remember that Satan seeks to make us waste our resources (time and money) to delay and interfere with the work of the Kingdom, so, we must apply discernment very well and observe the fruits, if we really want to do His will and not end up dragged into error.

May the Name of Yahweh and His Son Yeshua our Messiah be honored in all our works.

If you have any difficult subject about which you have doubts, or any suggestions or differences of thought, please write them with love to and we will gladly address the issue.

If these works have been a help to you in your walk with Messiah Yeshua, please pray about partnering with His kingdom work. Thank you. Give