Predictions Before Seal Six

Shalom, Nazarenes (Posted 8/4/2019)

I received the following email question from a good disciple brother living in Switzerland. He asks my thoughts on the current pre-war situation. I thought I should answer it to the email list, as I am sure other people may have similar questions.

>> Shalom, achi Norman
I have put the link to actual Swiss News where we can read that a possible war is imminent with Iran. What do you think about the actual situation?

[The link is removed for security reasons]

We are glad that you have moved your ministry to Chile!



I want to be careful what I say (and how I say it), because we don’t want to walk in fear (but only in faith). We also want to rejoice, because we know that Yahweh’s word is coming true, and that He will protect those who are truly helping to build His Son’s kingdom.

We don’t know any exact times, but only the timeline sequences. However, I have been studying the end times for perhaps the past 12-13 years or so, and the news does seem to follow the Revelation Timeline (pretty much exactly).

Yahweh does show me new things all the time, and if I had time I could re-write the Revelation study much better. However, what I wrote before still seems accurate. I believe Seal 5 began with the so-called “Arab (Muslim) Spring,” and it continues with the “religious cleansing” of Christians in the Middle East (and the persecution of believers everywhere). It may not sound nice, but one of the purposes of this is to get rid of all those in Ephraim who are not helping to build His Son’s kingdom, according to His specifications. So this will continue.

I also believe we have entered Seal Six with the great eclipse of 2017 (and there will be another great eclipse in 2024). At the moment we are waiting for the sky to recede like a scroll (which undoubtedly refers to nuclear mushroom clouds). The purpose of this is to give rise to a New World Order, and a One World Religion. Here are the two chapters that seem to pertain to the present moment:

Revelation and the End Times: The Great Shaking at Seal Six

Revelation and the End Times: The Anti-Messiah’s Temple

Because I know someone will ask, what I see is that Babylon is both a land (the USA), and also a global political system (secretly based in Rome). As I explain in the video series, the Red Horse Esau-Roman-Babylonian papacy is at the center of all.

Esau-Rome (i.e., the papacy) secretly controls all of the Three Measures of Babylonian-Avrahamic Meal (Black Horse Orthodox Judaism, White [Pink] Horse Greco-Roman Christianity, and Green-Horse Islam). These all work together in a giant ancient global struggle to break down and trample the whole earth, as foreseen in Daniel 7:23. Yeshua refers to these in Matthew 13:33.

The purpose of the nuclear war at Seal Six is to establish a One World Government and a One World Religion. This follows the same pattern of Black Horse Judah in the head, with a Red Horse secular democracy in the middle, and the White and Green horses (Christianity and Islam) pushed together below. One of the goals of this phase will be to further the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, which calls for mixing all races together, so that Black Horse Judah can rule over them. This is also what is behind the flooding of Muslim migration. This fulfills Daniel Chapter 2:41-43, which tells us that the two feet of Christian iron will be impregnated with pockets of miry Islamic clay.

There is also a secret Black Horse plan to establish Jerusalem as the center of the earth, ruled over by the Orthodox Sanhedrin (and they recently posted a video confirming that this is part of their goal). Black Horse Illuminist-Masonic Judah believes they are in control of all of this, but what most of them do not realize is that they are also secretly controlled by the Esau-Roman-Babylonian papacy. This is because Israel is a Rothschild State, and the Rothschilds are also Sabbatean-Frankist (Satanist) Jews who are in league with the papacy through the Three Babylonian Cities of Empire. (These all belong to Babylon Team West.)

So what are my thoughts?

In the long run, the net upshot is that Israel and the USA (and possibly also Russia, but I am not sure yet) will be drawn closer and closer together in the Genesis 35 Alliance, based on the relationship between the parties in Genesis 35:11, which has the singular nation (Judah) in the lead. However, what we will see more and more of in the long run is Team Red-Green (Esau and Ishmael) against Team Black-White (Judah and Joseph/Ephraim). Because of this, the Jews and Christians will be forced closer and closer together out of necessity, but in the end both Orthodox Judah and Roman Christian USA will be destroyed by Ishmaelite nuclear weapons, at the end of the Trumpets (which are probably @ 30 years away). In that day, the northern hemisphere will not be a good place to be, because there are many nuclear warheads and over 400 nuclear reactors in the northern hemisphere, and when they melt down (due to EMP, or whatever), it will be like 400 Fukushimas, or 400 Chernobyl’s.

In the short run (0-5 years) we will see the sky recede like a scroll, which represents a “limited” nuclear war. The brothers I know who study the Illuminist plans say that it calls for a “short” (30-90 day) war that goes nuclear, with both Red Horse North Korea and Green Horse Iran as the flash-points. Probably you can survive it, if you are not near one of the pre-panned nuclear targets (and from what I understand, Hoover Dam and they think New York City are two of them, and there may be more). However, once the New World Order security grid is set up, you will have to live under an intense security network (which is being constructed even now). And the purpose of this security grid is both de-population, and de-Christianization. And they plan to drop borders, and enhance (Muslim) migration progressively over time. (And the USA is one place a lot of migrants will want to go.)

There are also various studies about cycles in war. The War Cycles are expected to peak about 2020 (+/- 5 years), which also seems to fit the current news, and other expected time points (which I explain in the Revelation study). But again, my focus is not on specific times, but more on the sequence. (But so far the sequences are lining up exactly, praise be to Yah.)

Chile is nice because while they are also subject to the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan (like all nations), they brought in Haitians, who are at least nominally Christian. And Chile has an agricultural economic base, which means that it should be less affected by any upcoming famines. Plus, there are many people here who may not know what the Scriptures say exactly, but they are dedicated to the idea of Scripture, and of a Jewish Messiah.

I hope this information is helpful. Whatever you do, remember that Yahweh is in charge, and that if we help to build Yeshua’s kingdom the way He says He wants us to build it, and we hear and obey His voice, that one way or another, everything will be fine. (And other than that, all bets and deals are off.)

Shavua tov! (Good week!)

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