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Christianity: The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel
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Latest Content

Answering Questions About Garments

This chapter answers many questions about the ancient Israelite garments, and also suggests how to restore the original styles of four cornered garments that Yeshua wore in the first century.

Part Two: Tzitzit (Tassels)

This chapter explains what Scripture actually says about the tzitzit (tassels). It shows why rabbinical teachings on this subject are in error. It also shows why the Murex Trunculus sea snail dye theory is in error.

The Torah and Garments, Part One

This chapter explains why the Melchizedekian order does not need to wear a uniform, and yet why we still need to wear certain garments that are commanded by the Torah.

Ancient Circumcision

This chapter explains why the ancient method of circumcision was different than today's modern procedure, and how to do it if

Ritual Immersion (Baptism)

This chapter explains what the Torah says with regard to ritual immersion (or tevilah), and how it differs from rabbinic tradition. It also explains how ritual immersion or baptism applies in the Renewed Covenant (New Testament), according to Scripture.

What Does Matthew 16:19 Really Say?

This study shows that what Yeshua meant when he said he would give Kepha (Peter) the keys to the kingdom in Matthew 16:19 is that Kepha would be able to hear and obey the voice of heaven, such that he would bind and loose not what he wanted, but what heaven wanted.

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