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Revelation Simplified
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Video: The Error of "Harvestable Fields"
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Let’s Not Break Deuteronomy 16:9 (V 1.1)
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Josephus the Talmud and the Omer
Josephus, the Talmud, and the Omer (Video)
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Latest Content

Where is Spring Commanded?

This video explains how four calendar systems (the Rabbinic Jewish, the Equinox, the Lunar Sabbath, and the Karaite calendars) all want to begin their calendar year after the Spring Equinox--and how this requirement does not exist in Scripture. It also shows why the Passover can take place before the Spring Equinox.

Aviv Barley Simplified

This video explains why we should declare the new moon of the aviv when we know we will be able to bring a sheaf of aviv barley to the priesthood 15-21 days after the first crescent sliver of the new moon is seen from the land of Israel. It also explains why, if we do NOT do it that way, it will cause the farmers with the earliest ripening barley to lose their crops. (Updated version v2, dated 24 April 2021.)

After the Engagement at Shavuot

This video explains why the feasts of Yahweh are prophetic shadow pictures of the wedding ceremony between Yahweh Elohim and His bride. It also shows how we as Yeshua's faithful are to prepare for the marriage ceremony in between Pentecost Shavuot) and Tabernacles (Sukkot).

Testifying Yahweh's Forgiveness

En Testificando el perdón de Yahweh, vemos que muchas veces las personas llegarán a la fe, se sumergirán, confesarán sus pecados en el momento de la inmersión y pensarán que todo termina ahí. Pero, como siervos de Elohim, no debemos ocultar nuestras faltas. Más bien, debemos confesarnos unos a otros nuestras faltas y ayudarnos mutuamente a caminar mejor. De esa manera nos convertimos en testimonios vivos de la misericordia y el perdón de Yahweh. Esto también nos ayuda a todos a experimentar Su curación.

Accepting Yahweh's Forgiveness

This video explains why it is so important to accept Yahweh's forgiveness for our sins, and what to do if we have a hard time accepting His Forgiveness.

Accepting Yahweh's Forgiveness

This chapter talks about the importance of accepting Yahweh's forgiveness, so that we can extend this forgiveness to others.

Why the Sabbath? (Video Transcript)

This chapter explains why the seventh day Sabbath remains the day of weekly worship, even after Yeshua's resurrection.

The Wave Sheaf & the Pentecost

This chapter explains the importance of the Wave Sheaf (Omer) and the Pentecost (Shavuot), and how they are properly observed. It also explains the flaws in several other popular theories.

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