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Christianity: The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel
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Latest Content

Why the Omer Before the Harvest?

This study explains why the head of the year must be declared when the barley grain heads in the land of Israel emerge from the stalks in a normal year, or when the seed pods are in the milk stage, in a cold year.

Nissuin and the Wedding Feast

This chapter explains nissuin in ancient Hebrew marriage, including the role of the wedding feast.

Phase Three: Ancient Consummation

In this chapter we learn about the legal standards and background of the consummation phase in the days of the Creation, and of the Patriarchs. This is to prepare us to learn about the traditions of nissuin in Yeshua's time (which we cover in the next chapter).

Phase Two: Erusin: Formal Betrothal

This chapter explains erusin, which is the betrothal stage of the ancient Hebrew wedding.

Phase One: Shiddukhin: Matchmaking

This chapter explains the prophetic implications of ancient Hebrew marriage, specifically with regards to the matchmaking phase.

THE Faith Once Delivered

This chapter explains why Yeshua wants us to practice not just any faith in Him, but THE faith in Him, which Scripture identifies as the Israelite sect of the Nazarenes (i.e., Nazarene Israel).

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Welcome to the new discipleship website. For the next two months we will be adding introductory videos to the front page, which will explain more about the discipleship program. If you are interested to be Yeshua’s disciple, please check back. 

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Welcome home to Nazarene Israel, the faith once delivered to the saints.


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